Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…

So it’s Christmas of 2010, and I must admit that saying that feels weird because it honestly does not feel like a year has gone by. I feel like the older I get the faster the years go by and that’s pretty scary. I got a lot for Christmas actually, I got; a pandora charm for my pandora bracelet, its a cute little car with diamonds and rubies in it. Amazing perfume- “Flirt!”, flowerific and flirtacious, and they both smell like heaven. A cute zebra umbrella for my car, and some other accessories, like a mirror and deer warnings. An awesome makeup bag kit. A DVD, a video game, and Season 2 of Supernatural! I’m absolutely in love with Supernatural, best show ever made! A friend introduced me to it and now I can’t stop watching it, he told me I might get like this! Also, I got the iPhone 4 and I love it. I actually got it as an early gift because when you get the iPhone they turn your SIM chip in your other phone off,  and since I couldn’t be without a phone my mom had to give me it early. Then, my uncle got me the cutest trashcan ever for my room! And an awesome body wash set, all my favor scents :) And I got a lot of money, and a snuggie! And some gift cards to places like Rite Aid, Wendys, Tim Hortons, and Speedway! Those are awesome because if I’m low on cash I can just use them! Gift cards are always great gifts in my opinion, but really they’re better for people who have their license and might need their money for gas! I know I’ll be using these a lot because I’m always out and about! So how was your Christmas? And what did you all get? Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season!! Merry Christmas everyone :)


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